[VIDEO] New Moon, Solar Eclipse and What to Do When You Feel Anxious or Lost During a Major Life or Career Transition

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Are you going through a major personal or career transition, and feeling very anxious, frustrated or lost? Are you beating yourself up for not progressing as quickly as you’d like to? Are you having a confidence crisis or identity crisis? So many of my coaching clients & colleagues are going through very challenging, major life or career transitions right now.

Tonight we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. You may or may not be aware that we are going through a HUGE energetic shift right now — a portal to release what no longer serves us, so we can move forward in our journey. I felt called to make this video for you, and I hope you’d find it helpful.

Here is the video:

As I mentioned in the video, I’ve helped many high-achieving women navigate this type of major life or career transitions, and I’ve gone through a few cycles of such “Metamorphosis” myself. So, I can relate, and I know how to help. If you are going through similar challenges, and would like to explore coaching with me, visit my website here to learn more and sign up for a complimentary Initial Consultation. 

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Until next time, please remember to take good care of yourself, because you are irreplaceable. Sending you so much love.


P.S. You can sign up for a complimentary Initial Consultation with me here: www.hueinasu.com/offerings

About Hueina Su
Hueina Su is an internationally recognized expert in helping heart-centered, successful but exhausted high-achieving professional women break The Good Girl Spell, and find the missing PEACE and BALANCE in their stressful lives. She is an international keynote speaker, certified executive and life coach, best-selling author of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul: 7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others, and a featured expert in the award-winning transformational movie The Keeper of the Keys along with Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff.

For more information about Hueina’s speaking, coaching, book and other products, visit www.HueinaSu.com

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