Testimonials for Hueina Su

Maryam Webster

“My friend Hueina Su is one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met. She’s a nurse and educator from a long line of medical people, and has transformed both life and business many times. In leading others to their own inner peace, Hueina shares gentle, no-nonsense mentoring distilled from her Chinese heritage, philosophy, medicine and her own poignant experience. What makes Hueina really stand out, is that she walks her talk. She’s been depressed, down on herself, put down by others and even thought of ending it all, like many who just can’t find that inner peace and healing they need. Hueina came out of the other side of some of the darkest times a person can know, into a light so brilliant it heals as she works with people. Clients trust her because they know she gets it. And as a longtime colleague, I am proud to call Hueina one of my dearest friends, and happy to refer clients to her. If you can’t get your groove back, or your inner sense of “ok” is missing, Hueina is the one to call. Get to her before she gets completely booked!”

— Maryam Webster, Director of the Evolutionary Leadership Institute and best-selling author of “Everyday Bliss For Busy Women” www.MaryamWebster.com

Kristy Villa, host of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

“It was really lovely to meet and connect with Hueina Su, who has a knack for asking deep questions, and a unique perspective on power for women that is much needed in this all-too-adrenalized time on the planet. For someone trustworthy, reliable, deep, wise, not to mention a magnetic attractor of powerful results and inner peace, I’m delighted for you to learn more about Hueina and what she has to offer.”

–- Andrea J. Lee, CEO of The Wealthy Thought Leader www.wealthythoughtleader.com

“I found it very easy to work with Hueina Su because she knows how to listen and guide the person being interviewed through many topics of interest.”

— Bernie Siegel, MD, www.BernieSiegelMD.com

“Before coaching with Hueina, I was managing multiple priorities, handling family stress related to in-law life changes and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. Since we started coaching, I’ve seen many positive changes such as being able to care for myself and making my health a more important priority; being able to set limits (although I still have much to do in this area); allowing myself time to defer big challenges (e.g. my in-laws’ situation); setting limits at work; allowing my self-talk to be more compassionate as if I were talking to a good friend. The biggest improvement I’ve seen so far is allowing more self-compassion and making some time for self-care; feeling more positive about my current state of health regardless of the extra weight; recognizing my own achievements.

What is most helpful for me from coaching is coming up with a plan to defer managing my in-laws’ struggles until January. I tend to have to settle things right away and get on to the next thing. In this case waiting was a much better choice. It gave me time to become less emotionally charged. It was a pivotal decision which you helped me come to and I am incredibly thankful. As a result, I am feeling more calm and less anxious.

What I’m most proud of is making my self care a priority and being kind to myself. And I look forward to even more self-care ideas which I can easily put into place especially the self talk strategies.”

— Valerie K., Director at a medical center in NJ

Tricia C. Pan, Co-Founder, American Cancer Society – Asian Initiatives

“Hueina helped me tremendously by always asking thought provoking questions. Her coaching provided me with skills to organize my thoughts, prioritize my life and find the inner self that was long forgotten. As a dentist, a hands-on mom, a Sunday school teacher, and a peace maker in peacemaker ministry, running two offices, two kids, and a husband, to find time for personal spiritual growth and rest has been a challenge. Hueina through her coaching helped me find peace and order in life. I am now able to reach my destination by going around the obstacles in life instead of charging towards it head on. Hueina also provided me with many paradigm shifts in order for me to reach the state of inner peace. Thank you Hueina for all the work you have done. I am looking forward to our next session.”

— Dr. Grace I Liu, D.D.S. President, All About Smiles Dentistry, PA www.allaboutsmilesde.com

“I’ve been implementing what you taught me consistently into my professional and personal lives. Productivity at work increased. Learned skills created smoother transitions from work to home. More satisfying relationships emerged. Thank you Hueina!”

— Karen Spiecher, LPN, Senior Medical Information Associate, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NJ

“I have to tell you about my friend Hueina Su. She is absolutely amazing. We refer to her as the tranquil pool of wisdom. You’ve got to get to know her. What she brings is her experience as a caregiver, as a nurturer, as a mother, and as one of the people with the very best coaching skills. If you want to live a life that’s more full, more fulfilling, stress-free, peaceful, and really have the juice you deserve from the life, you need to speak with Hueina Su. Do yourself a favor, and immediately contact Hueina Su. She is a great coach.”

— Terri Levine, PhD, MCC, The Guru of Coaching®, Founder of Comprehensive Coaching U, bestselling author of Coaching is for Everyone, www.TerriLevine.com

“Working with Hueina as my coach has been an enlightening experience. She has a subtle yet powerful way of uncovering the truth and guiding me to solutions to my challenges. Hueina has a tremendous capacity for acknowledging concerns and shifting negative thoughts into positive actions. Hueina helped me to recognize many of my strengths and how to apply them to achieve personal and professional goals. Most importantly, her gentle, calming demeanor helps me center my focus on matters that are truly important.”

— Lois Davis, M.A., CEC, Certified Life Coach, Montville, NJ, www.loisdaviscoaching.com

“Huenia, thank you ever so much for our coaching sessions. At a time when I was trying to balance a new career, a new husband and find time for myself you really helped me put these things in perspective. If it wasn’t for our sessions, I don’t think I would have regained my personal power on my own. You seemed to always ask just the right questions. My life became a whole lot easier when I took back my power. You are the best!

— Renee Heald, Reflexologist, Parlin, NJ

“Dear Hueina… I wanted to send you a hand written note to tell you how much I appreciated your coaching. I was very impressed by your ability and very grateful for your gift to me. Your style engenders trust, quiet strength, nurturing, and peace. Pretty remarkable! I’m so pleased our paths have crossed.”

— Christina M. Genest, MA, Assistant Director, Corporate Communication Institute, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ

Georgina Terry, The Passions to Profitability Expert, bestselling author of The Amazing Race to Entreprenurial Freedom

I met Hueina Su at an extremely difficult time in my life. Besides being a breast cancer survivor of three years, my husband was laid off from his job of 17 plus years. Then three months later, I was laid off of my job of 34 years all due to the economic downturn. If that wasn’t stressful enough, my 20-year-old son signed up for the army and left for basic training. My husband became uncommunicative and I desperately needed someone to help me cope with the overwhelming stress I was experiencing. I was not in a financial position to afford counseling and didn’t know what to do. That was when I met Hueina Su. That Dr. Gallagher had the foresight to provide the services of Hueina Su at the Sparta Cancer Center was such a blessing and answer to prayer. I look forward to the time spent with her. It helps to be able to talk things out with someone who besides being a good listener shares coping tools that help me to focus on one problem at a time making them more manageable. She has taught me skills to use with my husband and family so that I share necessary criticism more constructively thus avoiding more conflict. She also helps me to see beyond some of the problems to the silver lining hidden from my view. When I found a great new job she encouraged me to celebrate my blessing by doing a little something special for myself. She has been such a blessing to me and I know that she must be a blessing to many others.— Anne C., Sparta, NJ

“The recent economic downturn has changed everything including fitness training business. Coach Hueina has helped me shift my abundance mindset, formulate client-attraction strategies and step-by-step marketing blueprint. I have not only raised my training rates 2 times in the last 3 years but also increased my client base and revenue by 50% and added other streams of income.

— Carey Yang, Certified Personal Trainer, owner of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC, Denville, NJ www.BeyondFitnessSolutions.com

Hueina has helped me to reframe my outlook in such positive ways. This is producing positive results both personally and professionally. Through her guidance and techniques I am learning more about myself than I ever imagined I could. Thanks Hueina for showing how I can do it!”

— Carla Boissonault, Professional Organizer, President, Organized by Design LLC www.organizednj.com

Dear Dr. Gallagher,

I would like to command the presence of Mrs. Hueina Su on your staff.

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating and there are moments when you feel alone with your thoughts of the future. Being able to talk to someone who has an understanding of these feelings is a comfort.

After talking to Mrs. Su it was easier to express my fears; it was, and is, easier to face and deal with my negativity and feelings of depression.

It is gratifying to know there is a support when you need it that is easily available.

I can’t stress enough the continuing availability of stress management to your patients.

Rose Satterfield, retired RN & Nurse Supervisor, Newton, NJ

“Hueina, thank you so much for your help. Since our coaching session I’ve lost 20 lbs., and I’ve never felt better. My energy level is higher and all the pertinent areas of my life have improved. Because of our coaching session, I realized that I had a major lack in my personal relationships. Although I never stopped going out on dates, I had not been involved in a serious relationship for a few years. I happened to be at a business affair and I met that special someone. Felicia and I have been dating for several months now and everything is going really well.Your coaching helped me open my eyes and drastically improved two major areas of my life. If somebody wanted to improve their life drastically or just make subtle improvements, I would definitely recommend that they take advantage of your life coaching skills. Once again, thank you and I’m looking forward to our next session.”

— James Pollina, Sales Associate, Pine Brook, NJ

“Hueina is an extraordinary coach. She is a remarkable person and truly demonstrates what it means to be an inspiration. She challenged me when needed, encouraged me as she saw fit, and continually supported my growth both personally and professionally.”

— Randy Nathan, MSW, PCC, Professional Coach, President, Project NextGen www.projectnextgen.com

“I have participated in a teleseminar and an individual, personalized coaching session with Hueina Su very recently and have found both to be very enhancing in my personal and business life. Her guidance and strategies are very sucinct and powerful. Hueina provided the clear vision and tools that I can utilize in all areas of my life. A deep, heartfelt thank you for the work that you do, and will continue to do.

— Leigh Anne Sommers, B.A.,C.G.F., Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, 1C-10007 Daniel Street, Chemainus, B.C. Canada V0R1K1, phone: 1-250-246-4013, email: leighsommers77@yahoo.ca

“Hueina coached me on a challenge I was facing and I found her to be a highly attentive listener with good questions and insights. She helped me achieve a great deal of clarity in a short time. It was a pleasure to work with Hueina!”

— Stacey Murphy, Owner, Beacon Consulting, Denville, NJ

Lisa Blaylock, Nebraska

“Hueina has a wonderful, caring and gentle approach to coaching. She creates a safe and peaceful space for her clients to explore their issues in a calm and unhurried way. Working with Hueina will bring peace and inspiration into your life.”

— Bonny O’Mullane, Owner, Convenant Coaching, Mountain Lakes, NJ, www.Omullane.com

“Hueina, I just want to tell you that you have a greater effect than I think you know. You have a very far reaching knowledgeable and nurturing spirit that heals and puts smiles on limitless people. I look forward to every e-mail and every class…. I do believe that a gift such as yours and the willingness to share it from your heart is worth it’s weight in gold….. so are you. I thank you from the very essence of me. May many blessings come your way.”

— Kathleen Rose, Feng Shui Consultant, West Linn, Oregon

“Dear Hueina, I am thankful for YOU!!!  Your endless energy, your infinite positive pearls of wisdom and your unending and uncanny ability to be incredibly encouraging, supportive and nurturing!!! THANK YOU!!!!

— Dorothy Mischo, Certified Massage Therapist, Randolph, NJ

“Dear Hueina – what an awesome experience today coaching with you. Just from speaking with you, I know you are an awesome person with a lot to offer anyone in a transitional period in their life. After today, I think “I CAN” rather than I can’t” Your homework assignment will make me really work at myself. And I love the challenge to get back on sync with life!!! Thank you for all your help!!

— Chris Puchalik, small business owner, Mt. Tabor, NJ

“Hueina helped me find clarity on what I truly want in life by supporting me through a guided process in a warm and compassionate way. As a result, I am already attracting wonderful experiences in my life.”

— Angela L, Human Resources Professional, Boston, Massachusetts

“Dear Hueina, I want to thank you for all the wonderful, informative and uplifting materials and opportunities you provide by having me on your mailing list.”

— Diane O’shea, Certified Empowerment Coach, Morris Plains, NJ, Djnoshea@aol.com

Deanna Wharwood, The Veterans’ Coach at Bulletproof Business Academy

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