Book Hueina Su for Your Next Keynote or Workshop and Hear an Inspiring Personal Journey that Will Captivate Your Audience

Hueina Su: nurse, mom, caregiver, professional coach, business owner

… and someone who overcame some major obstacles to create a life she loves.

Blending her personal stories, Eastern philosophy and coaching experiences, Hueina Su’s presentation will treat your audience to a dynamic, engaging and inspirational event they will never forget.

Your group will be experience profound mindset shifts, empowering life lessons and will walk away with actionable strategies they can immediately apply to their own lives.

These keynote presentations can also be expanded to interactive workshops, 1/2 day or full-day training. They are perfect for professional organizations (such as nursing and medical associations, bar associations, professional women associations, women business owners associations), professional conferences for professional women and business owners, women’s initiatives, as well as corporate leadership training.

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1. The Monarch Code: 5 Steps to Navigating Change With Grace, Ease and ConfidenceIt's-Not-a-Breakdown-It's-a-Metamorphosis-HueinaSu-dot-com

Change is inevitable. Buddha said, “The only constant in life is change.” How well do you deal with change? That’s the question. We all go through many cycles of change and transitions in our personal and professional lives. Whether you realize it or not, with each major life event and transition, we are asked to transform WHO WE ARE in the process. Just like butterflies have to go through the metamorphosis to transform themselves from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis to butterfly, there are specific steps we can take to transform ourselves from the inside out, and navigate change with grace, ease and confidence.

In this transformational keynote you will learn:

  • Recognize the signs you are being initiated into another cycle of Metamorphosis
  • The stages of Metamorphosis and missions to accomplish for your inner transformation
  • The Four Promises you must make to yourself
  • Stop being a victim, martyr or failure and reclaim your POWER
  • Find peace and calm amidst chaos and uncertainty
  • Tools to reduce suffering and navigate change with grace, ease and confidence


2.  Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul: Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others  Women are Nurturers by nature. As high-achieving professional women, all too often we spend all our time and energy going after our professional goals and caring for everyone around us. In the process, we neglect taking care of ourselves and suffer the severe consequences.

In this dynamic keynote you will learn:

  • the Anatomy of Stress — get to the root cause of stress
  • how to recognize the signs & consequences of chronic stress and Self-Care Deficiency Syndrome
  • the importance of Intensive Self-Care and daily practices to nurture yourself
  • how to Stop, Drop & Roll out of being stressed and overwhelmed
  • 7 Keys to nurture yourself while caring for others
  • simple, practical stress relief techniques
  • daily practices to keep stress at bay

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3. Claim Your Peaceful Power: How to Shift from Breakdown to Breakthrough and Succeed on Your Own Terms
Sometimes we experience setbacks, adversity or old conditioning from childhood that stress us out, overwhelm us, and even make us feel broken, powerless or unworthy. How do you make a courageous shift to turn breakdown into a breakthrough?

In this empowering keynote you will learn:

  • Hueina’s inspiring journey from feeling broken, unworthy and powerless to feeling beautiful, peaceful and powerful (with a Black Belt and 10 gold medals to boot!)
  • The REAL root cause of your stress, anxiety, self-sabotage, self-doubt and low self-esteem
  • What’s wrong with conventional stress management, and what you should do instead to have long-lasting inner peace
  • How to identify your own Invisible Chaos that’s keeping you stressed and stuck
  • A powerful 3-step process to tame your Invisible Chaos, so you can be calm, centered and confident NO MATTER WHAT!
  • A counter-intuitive way to overcome your relentless Inner Critic, to quickly move from feeling stress, anxiety and self-doubt to feeling relaxed and confident

Hueina Su breast cancer keynote

Remember, we can customize the presentation for your organization

If your company, hospital, chamber of commerce, professional association, non-profit organization, Rotary Club, women’s club, mom’s group, church, library or school is looking for a dynamic speaker or trainer who brings about unforgettable results, just click here to contact us.


Rx for Balance™ Workshops and Leadership Training Programs

The Rx for Balance™ workshops and leadership training program focuses on helping high-achievers and leaders cultivate tools and skills for personal leadership, self-mastery, mindfulness, work life balance, stress reduction, change and transition management, Intensive Self-Care, etc.

Available topics including (but not limited to):

  • Invisible Chaos: Why You Never Overcome Your Stress and How to Finally Find Your Inner Peace
  • Rx for Balance: A Prescription for Creating Balance and Harmony Amidst Chaos
  • Serenity Now: Effective Stress Management Strategies
  • Intensive Self-Care Strategies: How to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others
  • Learn to Say NO So You Can Say YES to Your Life
  • Take the L. E. A. P. to Thrive in Change
  • Changing Lanes: The Secret of Successful Midlife Career Change
  • Emotional Healing and Personal Success
  • Effortless Decision-Making Strategies for the Indecisive
  • and more — we can custom design workshops for your organization

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Hueina Su on Lifetime TV

Hueina Su is available to speak at your organization. She is also available for guest appearances on your radio show, TV program, podcast and Tele-seminars.

Depending on your organization’s needs, these programs can be delivered as —  Hueina Su TV Interview Screenshot 3

  • Keynote Presentation (up to 90 minutes)
  • Lunch & Learn or Workshop (1-2 hours)
  • Half-day or full-day corporate team-building training
  • Corporate employee wellness program
  • Retreat
  • Lecture series (3 or more lectures)
  • Teleseminar or Teleclass (via teleconference calls)
  • Retreats
  • 3-6 month on-site group training + coaching program
  • Continuing education courses for healthcare, educational, legal or other professionals
  • Private group presentations

If you have a specific topic in mind, let us know and we can design a program based on your needs.

If your company, professional association, non-profit organization, women’s initiative, professional conference or convention is looking for a dynamic speaker or trainer who brings about unforgettable results, just click here to contact us.

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