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Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul

7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others

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Moms, Grandmas, Nurses, Teachers & Caregivers

  • Do you feel like there is no time for you?
  • Are you feeling lonely and isolated?
  • Do you tend to nurture others at the cost of your own well-being?
  • Are your work and life out of balance?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?
  • Is your social life non-existent?
  • Do you feel there’s never enough time?
  • Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Do you feel guilty taking care of yourself?
  • Is stress causing you physical or emotional distress?
  • Do you have difficulty juggling your work and family life?
  • Are you disappointed in the lack of progress your loved one or patient is making?
  • Are anxiety, guilt, resentment, fears or grief robbing you of your peace of mind?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, this book is a MUST-READ for you!

Our world is fast-paced, filled with competing obligations, and laced with a tremendous volume of constant information overflow. The need to center ourselves, catch our breath and release the stress is more crucial than ever. How are we to accomplish this when we are faced with the overwhelming need to nurture others? Hueina’s book comes at the perfect timing.

Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul is a PERFECT GIFT for Mother’s Day or any day — for moms, grandmas, nurses, teachers, therapists, family caregivers, and anyone who is in the role of taking care of other people.

With so many of us caring for our children or elderly parents, disabled or chronically ill family members AND juggling all the other aspects of our lives, this book offers life-changing insights and strategies for caregivers, gleaned from the author’s 40+ years of both personal experiences and professional expertise.

Author Hueina Su was born a nurturer. Raised in a culture where self-sacrifice was not only expected but encouraged, she understood at a very young age that balance would be pivotal in realizing the depth of happiness she really desired for herself.

A fourth generation medical professional and a mother of two, Hueina experienced and observed first-hand the demands and stress of being responsible for someone else’s daily care. She recognized that it is as rewarding as it is exhausting, but too often we sacrifice our own well-being and happiness because nobody ever showed us how to manage it all.

Along Came Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul

With amazing insights into all aspects of what it truly means to be both caretaker and nurturer, Hueina Su presents practical tools and tips that are universal in their application for healthcare professionals, moms, caregivers, teachers and ANYONE who takes care of others. The need for this information is far more urgent than most could ever realize.

Amazing insights into all aspects of what it truly means to be a Nurturer and the powerful tools to prevent caregiver burnout.


Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul is a definitely gentle loving breeze with a clear and strong message effortlessly delivered. As readers read her ideas, told in a wonderful story-telling style, it’s easy to reinforce the truth that has motivated this book: caretakers need to take care of themselves. While we all know this, most of us don’t always practice what we believe to be true.

We need help and we need it in a way that is easy for us to use. And that’s where this book comes in.


Join Hueina as she explores in depth care-taking concerns such as:


  • Recognizing Self-Care Deficiency Syndrome and what to do about it
  • Resolve the feeling of overwhelm
  • Finding joy and serenity in the present moment
  • Restore peace and calm when life is spinning out of control
  • Creating life balance to avoid caregiver burnout
  • How to clear out emotional clutter for lasting inner peace
  • Finding peace in the face of death and grieving

This is more than a book!

It’s an interactive guide to help you navigate the joys and challenges of care-taking


Hueina Su presents practical tools and tips that are universal in their application. The need for this information is far more urgent than most could ever realize.

The self-coaching sessions following every section offer personalized action steps and build a solid foundation for a new understanding and level of caregiving.

A Prescription for Balance, Joy and Inner Peace

As an international keynote speaker, certified life coach, mindful wellness expert, and founder of Beyond Horizon Coaching, Hueina started her first career as a registered nurse and has more than 24 years of experience in nursing, counseling, coaching, training, education, consulting, nonprofit management, sales, small business start-up and freelance. She specializes in helping medical professionals, caregivers, high-achieving professional women and other women nurturers restore the missing inner peace, joy and balance in their stressful lives, and create the life they truly desire.

“Intensive Self-Care is NOT being selfish,
and it’s NOT a luxury,
but rather an essential practice for your survival
and overall well-being
— Hueina Su

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Hueina Su & Marci Shimoff

Hueina Su with Marci Shimoff, bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

Words of Praise for

Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul

This book is a must read for anyone who is in the role of caregiver: nurses, doctors, home health aids, or anyone caring for a loved family member.  Hueina Su has done an outstanding job of giving tools and techniques that are practical and highly valuable to caregivers.  This book will inspire you as you hear her compassionate voice, giving you hope as well as solutions.  Those reading this book can live their lives with deeper personal fulfillment and with more inner peace, ease and joy.”
— Terri Levine, PhD, MCC, The Guru of Coaching®, founder of Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc. best-selling author of Coaching is for Everyone
“Hueina Su has written an excellent book for health care professionals, caregivers and all nurturers.  As public health care and patient advocate, I have worked with many doctors, nurses, cancer survivors and caregivers over the years.  I have noticed that, all too often, we health care professionals don’t always practice what we preach.  As a result, we are very prone to stress and burnout.  Hueina’s book is a timely reminder for all of us to put our own health and well-being as a top priority, while we attempt to take care of our patients and loved ones.  Through her personal story and coaching exercises, Hueina offers patients and caregivers inspiration, hope as well as practical tools for better self-care, joy and fulfillment.”
—  Ming-der Chang, Ph.D., Vice President of Asian Initiatives, American Cancer Society Eastern Division,
“Wow!  What a wonderful, useful and inspiring book.  Although this book was written for caregivers, everyone who reads it will find useful tools to navigate through everyday life, work and family situations.  As we move through life, we are all nurturers and caregivers for someone, in some way at some time.  This book reminds us that we must not only provide care for others, we must also take excellent care of ourselves.  This book provides simple and practical solutions, support and guidance for all kinds of nurturers – including you!”
— Sue Urda, Co-Founder of Powerful You! Women’s Network and Author of Powerful Intentions ~ Everyday Gratitude,
“Hueina Su has written an exciting new book detailing a process by which overwhelmed people can reduce the stress in their lives and maintain a sense of balance.  Called Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul:  7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others, Hueina’s steps to personal fulfillment blend east-west philosophy with practical tips on managing multiple roles at work and at home.  This is a must read for the 21st century.”
— George J. Juang, MD, FACC, Director of Electrophysiology Laboratory, New York Hospital Queens, New York Presbyterian Healthcare System
“Hueina Su has done an outstanding job in combining her Eastern philosophy, her personal experiences as a nurturer, and her excellent coaching skills into Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul.  Through real-life stories and coaching exercises, she provides inspiration  and  personalized practical action steps  to create a must read for caregivers and helping professionals.”
— Bruce D Schneider, MCC, Founder and CEO, iPEC Coaching, author of Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core,
“In my work as a work & life expert for parents and as a mother myself, I’ve seen so many parents and caregivers suffer from stress and burnout due to lack of self-nurture. Hueina Su’s book offers much-needed inspiration and practical strategies for all parents and caregivers to nurture themselves, so they can have more to give to their loved ones. She shares her personal journey with authenticity and compassion. It resonates with your soul, and gives you the permission and encouragement to honor and nurture your self.”
— Natalie Gahrmann, MA, PCC, CUCG, Author of Succeeding as a Super Busy Parent,
“As a recognized expert in the field of self-care for caregivers, Hueina Su writes eloquently about the need for care-givers to nurture themselves with the same commitment, passion, and soul that they nurture others. She offers practical advice, personal experience, and compelling reasons to make self-care a priority. This book is a fabulous contribution and one I will be enthusiastically sharing with my clients and colleagues.”
— Corrie Woods, author of The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living, and women’s self-care coach,
“I felt like this book was meant for me.  Hueina Su has captured the essence of a caretakers role through her own experiences as an older sibling, nurse and mother.  Her insightfulness sheds light on the relationships we take on in all the roles we play.  This book is a must read for the caretakers of the world or who feed on caretakers to take care of their needs.Hueina Su’s ability to take a look at our own roles and how they play out in our relationships is the first step for change to occur.  She continues to provide samplings of ways you can support that change for yourself to bring greater balance and substance into your life and into the lives that we live.”
— Linda Mitchell, Founder & Executive Director of the Holistic Mentorship Network and MARCI magazine,
“Hueina Su speaks with an authentic voice about the struggles that nurturers face.  Drawing from her years of practical experience, she has created an inspiring guide that gives us permission to care for ourselves as well as suggestions for the ways in which we can accomplish that.”
— Dawn Noble and Kathy Smyly Miller, Founders of Wellness Possibilities,
“The world needs more advocates for intensive self-care like Hueina!  The importance of self-nurturance is a powerful message that millions of women around the globe need to hear. Thanks to books like Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, more and more women have the opportunity to transform their lives by receiving support for putting themselves and their emotional and physical well-being first!”
— Renee Peterson Trudeau, author, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life and president, Renee Trudeau & Associates,
“The love one share with others starts from a seed of self love and it grows endlessly to enrich others.  Everyday parents instinctively nurture their children as all animals do.  However,  Hueina shows you how to extend the love towards work and caring for others outside of family. She introduces ways to first achieve inner happiness and therefore bring happiness to others.  I feel this book is really a guide book for everyone who cares about others, a professor mentoring a student, a master guiding an apprentice, and surely a caregiver for a patient.  This book should be an owner’s manual for life.”
— Shih-Fen Chow, MD, Board of Advisors, American Cancer Society Eastern Division – Asian Initiatives
“Drawing on the rich cultural heritage of her Chinese family, Hueina Su artfully tells her story of love, family, relationships and the essence of the nurturer’s soul.By blending heartfelt anecdotes of her personal experiences, Hueina conveys her words of encouragement much the way you could imagine her caring for the most delicate patient.By conveying a message of self-love, including exercises in recognizing one’s needs, the author successfully brings her skills as a daughter, mother, nurse and certified life coach to the reader in a relaxed style that is sure to bring wisdom, strength and comfort to the reader.”
— René Cantwell, Founder, Families of Loved Ones Magazine, Providing Strategies and Resources for Caregivers,
“Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul fills a much-needed market niche. Caregivers will find the author’s advice practical, yet heartfelt. She guides the reader with ‘baby steps’ that are achievable by anyone involved in caregiving. Caregivers will know instantly that Hueina Su understands them and the difficult journey they are traveling.”
— Christine Spear, Editor in Chief, Silk Purse Women magazine,
“Huiena and I share a similar philosophy that self-care is not selfish, but serves the highest good of all. A healthy life offers a balance of give and take; of giving and receiving support. This is especially true to caregivers, parents, and any one in a helping or healing profession. And yet many of us stumble on the, “Yes, but how?” question. Huiena’s book and experience provides a clear path for implementing this philosophy of self-care into practical steps, a pathway to balance and restoration. We can all benefit from her loving message, one that has the power to transform individual relationships as well as our society as a whole.”
—Karly Randolph Pitman, writer, speaker and founder of, author of Heal Your Body Image: An Inspiring, Step-by-Step Guide to Loving Your Body, Overcoming Sugar Addiction, and the forthcoming The Soul of Motherhood:  Mothering our Children; Mothering Ourselves
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