Drained by Negativity Around You? This Will Help!

Are you drained by negativity all around you? Want to be more confident and have better relationships at work and at home? This will help!

I want to share with you about a life-changing Telesummit at which I will be speaking. If you are looking for ways to be personally happier and more optimistic, while also helping to create a global shift in consciousness, then you will want to join The Positivity Project …a FREE 8 week Telesummit beginning on March 4 (yes that’s today).

Tonight at 7PM EST, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. will discuss the neuroscience of positivity and how to develop a “Buddha Brain”. When you sign up now, you will be able to listen to Rick’s enlightening interview (recording will be available for a limited time, if you cannot make the LIVE call).

You will hear 19 amazing thought leaders share their wisdom, knowledge and experience, as well as specific, practical ideas to move you from  a negative, problem –centered existence to a positive mindset and lifestyle.

These speakers will reveal their wisdom and suggestions in the following key areas:

  • The neuroscience behind happiness and positivity
  • How to be more positive through loss and grief
  • Positive education
  • Positivity and the media
  • How positivity builds courage and resilience
  • Staying positive through illness
  • Positive thoughts and the body
  • Positive leadership
  • Creating a positive corporate culture
  • Positive approaches to difficult conversations
  • The positive effect of Feminine Principles
  • Efforts to develop global coherence and peace
  • Positive parenting
  • Positivity and personal power

I will be speaking on Thursday April 18th and am excited to share the stage with so many like-minded people who share the same vision.

So…if you:
·       Feel drained by the negativity around you
·       Feel judged for refusing to join in others negative world views
·       Sincerely want to know how to be more optimistic

The Positivity Project will show you how!

I invite you to take this step now, not only for yourself but for a world that is calling for a collective energy shift…

Click here to get FREE access to these speakers.

Looking forward to having you on the calls!

PS.  This event will fill up quickly so I encourage you to grab your seat now!! ~> bit.ly/ZiJeKl

About Hueina Su
Hueina Su is an internationally recognized expert in helping heart-centered, successful but exhausted high-achieving professional women break The Good Girl Spell, and find the missing PEACE and BALANCE in their stressful lives. She is an international keynote speaker, certified executive and life coach, best-selling author of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul: 7 Keys to Nurture Yourself While Caring for Others, and a featured expert in the award-winning transformational movie The Keeper of the Keys along with Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff.

For more information about Hueina’s speaking, coaching, book and other products, visit www.HueinaSu.com

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