Are You a Successful High-Achieving Professional Woman
Feeling Stressed & Running on Empty

But Feel Pressured to be Able to DO IT ALL?

I know who you are.

On the outside, you are successful, talented, confident and accomplished. You are highly driven and pride yourself on your intelligence, credentials and achievements. You are focused on achieving your goals, committed to excellence, and always invest in your own personal & professional development. In fact, you simply don’t know how to be mediocre. You climb the career ladder with diligence and commitment, and your efforts have paid off.

In your personal life, you have lived your whole life as a Good Girl. You are a gentle and caring soul. You are well-liked by everyone. You try to work hard, follow the rules, be kind and helpful to others. You always look proper, pleasant and perfect. You keep a smile on your face, never get angry or loud (even when you’re fuming inside). You try to live up to your family and society’s expectations. You are loyal and devoted as a good student, good employee (or boss), good friend, good neighbor, good wife and mother.

Everyone counts on you to support and take care of them, and you take pride in that.

Everyone is impressed by your achievements, contribution and think you have a picture-perfect life. However, on the inside, it’s a very different story…

Your Drive to be All Things to All People is Burning You Out

Business Woman Overwhelmed Paperwork

  • You often feel stress, exhaustion and burnout, taking care of everyone and everything (and it shows).
  • You have incredibly high standards and push yourself (and everyone around you) to achieve “perfection” at work and at home – even at the cost of your own health, emotional well-being, family life or other relationships.
  • You have too much on your plate, but have difficulty delegating or saying no to all the demands coming your way.
  • You are very critical of yourself. When you don’t measure up to someone else’s or your own expectations, you beat yourself up (hard).
  • You worry too much about how other people think of you, secretly feeling inadequate, insecure, DESPITE your impressive credentials and achievements.
  • You secretly wonder: Is this all there is? The thought of living the same life, for the rest of your life, makes you cringe or sad.

When you get quiet enough, and brave enough to admit to yourself, you can no longer deny the glaring truth…. You are NOT truly happy.

You might feel anxious, restless, trapped and a little (or completely) lost, with an EXTRA dose of harsh self-judgement on top of it all…Maybe you even feel a little guilty or (gasp) ashamed because… How can you feel unhappy when you have such a wonderful life? How ungrateful is that?!

Yet, you can’t deny it… You are just unhappy and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

You JUST KNOW you cannot keep going on like this. Something has GOT to change, and you need a SOLUTION.

You see, there is a dark side of being a Good Girl…

Woman Stressed WorriedEvery time you make a choice by other people’s expectations or rules instead of your own, you lose a piece of your true self. Every time you put other people’s needs before your own, you lose a piece of your true self. Every time you say yes when you mean no because you want so much to be liked, you lose a piece of your true self. Every time you hold your tongue instead of speaking your truth, every time you compromise yourself to keep the peace, you lose a piece of your true self. Every time you suppress your true feelings or ignore your heart’s desire, you lose a piece of your true self. Every time you change or hide a part of yourself, or put on a facade in order to be accepted, you lose a piece of your true self.

The truth is, you might’ve been a Good Girl with a smiley-face mask on for WAY too long, that you don’t even know who you truly are any more, let alone what you really want.

The more you try to analyze and figure it out with your brilliant mind, the more confused you become.

The harder you try to push yourself (as all proud high-achievers do), the more stuck you feel.

If you are still reading this and nodding your head, BREATHE…. and please listen…

You are not alone. And, more importantly…


The real problem is…You have fallen victim to what I call The Good Girl Spell

Under this spell, you have (consciously or unconsciously) suppressed or hidden who you truly are, in order to please, fit in and succeed according the expectations and rules set by your family, culture or society. Maybe you have made certain career and/or life choices that you knew, deep down, were not right for you. But, for whatever reason, you chose what you think you SHOULD do instead of what you REALLY WANTED.

Even though you have created a wonderful life and many successes, they are not congruent or aligned with who you truly are. This mis-alignment finally takes its toll. That’s why you are feeling what you are feeling.

Now, you are being initiated into another cycle of personal transformation.

You are being prompted to break this Good Girl Spell, once and for all.

The good news is: There is a more graceful way for high-achieving women like you to achieve success AND inner fulfillment.

High-Achieving Successful Professional Women
You need to learn how to effectively manage the incoming demands and obligations, AND master your own energy, mindset, behaviors and emotions, so you can remain calm, centered, confident and successful DESPITE the chaos around you, and create a RICHER life with a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

It is Time to Break The Good Girl Spell

It is time to learn how to achieve uncompromising success, well-being & serenity. When you are deeply rooted in your true essence, fully tap into your Inner Authority, nothing and nobody in the world will disturb your inner peace, and you are most powerful. It empowers you without overpowering others.
It is time to embark on a transformational journey of self-mastery and personal leadership. You will learn powerful processes, tools and strategies for you to “shed the old skin of the caterpillar”, emerge like a glorious butterfly, letting your beautiful True Self shine again.
It is time to re-connect with your True Self, learn to love, accept and embrace your unique beauty and live your truth. When you do, you can remain calm, centered and confident no matter what’s going on “out there”.

You will have the clarity, courage and confidence to create the life and success that fit YOU, instead of the other way around.

True confidence is acquired when you exercise the freedom to be you. When you are deeply rooted in your true essence, fully tap into your Inner Authority, nobody and nothing in the world can disturb your inner peace, and you are most powerful.
– Hueina Su

Stop Pleasing Everybody and Start Creating a Self-Loving, Authentic and Joyful Life that’s Right for You!

I can help you do that. It will get better. You will feel better. I promise. Are you ready?

If you are READY and WILLING to invest in yourself and your future, I’d like to offer you a complimentary 30-min Initial Consultation by phone (or Skype, if you live outside of the US). This is NOT a sample coaching session. This is a consultation to explore if we are a good fit for coaching.

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What my clients say:

“Hueina helped me tremendously by always asking thought provoking questions. Her coaching provided me with skills to organize my thoughts, prioritize my life and find the inner self that was long forgotten. As a dentist, a hands-on mom, a Sunday school teacher, and a peace maker in peacemaker ministry, running two offices, two kids, and a husband, to find time for personal spiritual growth and rest has been a challenge. Hueina through her coaching helped me find peace and order in life. I am now able to reach my destination by going around the obstacles in life instead of charging towards it head on. Hueina also provided me with many paradigm shifts in order for me to reach the state of inner peace. Thank you Hueina for all the work you have done. I am looking forward to our next session.”

— Dr. Grace I Liu, D.D.S. President, All About Smiles Dentistry, PA

“Before coaching with Hueina, I was managing multiple priorities, handling family stress related to in-law life changes and feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. Since we started coaching, I’ve seen many positive changes such as being able to care for myself and making my health a more important priority; being able to set limits (although I still have much to do in this area); allowing myself time to defer big challenges (e.g. my in-laws’ situation); setting limits at work; allowing my self-talk to be more compassionate as if I were talking to a good friend. The biggest improvement I’ve seen so far is allowing more self-compassion and making some time for self-care; feeling more positive about my current state of health regardless of the extra weight; recognizing my own achievements.

What I’m most proud of is making my self care a priority and being kind to myself. And I look forward to even more self-care ideas which I can easily put into place especially the self talk strategies.”

— Valerie K., Director at a medical center in NJ

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